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Thursday, 28 July 2022, 8 PM

Kuala Lumpur/Singapore (GMT + 8)


PLEASE BE ADVISED: Due to software limitations, the free class is limited to 100 people only.

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If you have been following the stock market news in 2022, you would have heard many horror stories inside forums like these:

You seen it. I seen it too.

But why did situations like these happen?

Why are normal working adults losing their hard-earned savings in 2022 while the top few investors are bragging about their returns on social media?

This is because average investors are doing things like these:

- Buying into stocks that are “trending”

- Buying the dip because they “predict” that the price is already the lowest

- Thinking that investing is like gambling - no matter what stock I buy, I have a chance to win in the stock market game

In case you are thinking of starting (or have already started) investing, that’s probably why people are losing their savings.

Buying based on hearsay, thinking they can predict the prices or treating the stock market as a game of luck - definitely, you will be like the average investors since you buy stocks based on what you feel rather than objective analysis (90% of investors lose money in the stock market)

So the question is - How can new investors like you avoid these mistakes and get your desired end result?

The key is to have a time-tested system that has, again and again, proven to generate consistent returns for its users.

Even during bad times like 2022.

In my 5 years of investing, I’ve worked with many new investors.

And I have managed to help them use a systematic system to identify stocks that have high potential to grow.

I even taught them the strategy to profit when the market is falling!

The end result - More returns. An additional source of income. Finance holiday expenses. Pay off bank/housing loans. Fund children's higher education tuition fees. And much more.

No matter if you have already begun investing or wish to begin but are unsure how.

Take a look at what my students have been saying.

Can you really start getting returns from the US stock market just by using our 3-Step S.C.G. Investing Formula?

Perhaps you are doubting whether this “formula” will work for you.

Indeed it won’t work… if you don’t know how to use it.

In fact, even if I hand you over the entire formula to use, you will still be afraid of investing in the stock market.

I have been investing and teaching for 5 years.

During this time, I’ve worked with students from all different backgrounds - engineer, teachers, retirees - in almost every industry you can think of.

Based on this experience, I can tell you with 100% certainty…

Understanding how to use the formula + Guidance = Better and consistent results in the stock market

The opposite of 10 games 9 losses many new investors seem to experience.

It’s that simple. It’s that effective.

Here’s Our Upcoming SCG Options Investing Foundation Class

Thursday, 28 July 2022, 8 PM

Kuala Lumpur/Singapore (GMT + 8)

More than 14,000 students (and still counting) have registered for our previous classes, and some even emailed us to see if they could join (unfortunately, there is a software limit of 100 students for each class, so we have no choice but to reject them)

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Due to software limitations, the free class is limited to 100 people only.

Here’s A Brief Outline Of What We’ll Cover In This FREE Online Class:

 S.C.G. Framework #1
A sneak peak of this Exclusive framework that me and my students are using it to buy and sell stocks at a fair price without flipping financial reports and drawing charts
 M.E.R.N. Framework #2
How to use the 4-step approach to identify high-quality stocks and start becoming profitable much faster
 Options Income Strategy #3
How to achieve repeated real profits in the stock market every month in the next 30 days, even if markets are going down or moving sideways! 

About Your Trainer

Daniel Ang

Daniel has a track record as a reputable trainer and the founder of SmallCapGuy Institute.

He is also the proud creator of two stock investing systems known as the "SCG Formula" and the "MERN Method".

Students frequently ask him, "If you're already making money, why don't you just keep quiet at home instead of coming out to teach?"

Here’s his take on this:
I'm not here trying to teach you some fanciful investing techniques.

I'm here to help solve the problem of money, which is the root of many family disputes.

As such, my ultimate goal here is to serve more people and spread the knowledge of investing beyond one generation.

I want to make money so plentiful that family disputes do not revolve around money.

Don’t Just Hear It From Us. Hear It From Them As Well!

"Explanation is very clear"... "learn at lot how to find a good stock by using MERN method"

"Very easy to pick up although I am the newbie in share investment"

"Straight to the point and make thing easy to understand!"

"Recommended for beginners and novice alike"

"Very insightful and make it easy to learn"

"Explained concepts well with the use of relatable analogies and simple diagrams"

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Due to software limitations, the free class is limited to 100 people only.

And 100+ more 5-Star reviews on our page!

P.S. You can go check it out when you are free :)

Our Rock-Solid 100% Guarantee 

BONUS Action Plan

When you come for the class, you will receive a functioning “US Options Investing Action Plan” you can use immediately to identify high-quality businesses and start generating real profits from the stock market, for FREE!
  • Options investing beginner guide - Page 18
  • ​Squeeze out extra capital effortlessly - page 22
  • ​Catch the uptrend in the market - page 10
  • ​Secret bonus on page 32

In Just 2 Hours, You’ll Discover How To Get Consistent Returns From The US Stock Market At Lower Risk… Even When The Market Is Performing Badly Right Now!

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Due to software limitations, the free class is limited to 100 people only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a finance background to attend this class?

Nope, you do not require it. Daniel put in a lot of time and effort to make the content simple and easy to follow through.

In fact, most of our attendees came from non-finance backgrounds :)

Do I need a lot of time to learn how to invest?

We have to be completely honest with you. If you want to master options investing, you definitely have to spend some time learning it.

But the good news is…

We have planned it out so that you can easily follow through and master the content inside with our Onboard, Evolve and Transform roadmap, where you will be able to fully understand and invest independently to receive consistent cash income.

Find out how you can get access to it by attending the upcoming FREE SCG Options Investing Foundation Class!

How will investing affect my taxes?

In general, unless you do it full-time, Malaysia and Singapore do not tax income from investments. So enjoy your profits all to yourself and your loved ones while investing!

I have heard that options investing are risky. Is that true?

Here’s a fun fact for you: Options were created to reduce investment risk.

The main reason many people believe it is risky is because they implement options investing without doing any basic research or attending any classes to understand more about it.

So, come to the class and let Daniel show you how to use options investing to grow your savings while reducing the risks in the process of doing it.

Do I need a lot of money to start investing?

A recommended amount to start with would be USD1000.

However, if this amount of money will affect your current lifestyle (meaning you will not be able to pay for your day to day expenses after allocating this amount for investing), we would not recommend you to start options investing.
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